Quality Policy  
    Quality Policy: Creative Learning, Quality Results in Efficiency. Through creativity and learning to aid the company in raising its know-how and the experience exchange of its employees; strengthen the self-learning ability and with the periodical internal discussion meetings to improve upon internal errors, and improve to raise the quality in order to satisfy customer demands.
    Excellent Service Team  
    Ming-Sheng Industrial Co., Ltd. excels in each type of processing services, always with the customer's needs as our final objective. And persist in careful, responsible and professional attitude in solving the customer's problems, and meeting the customer's needs, all this relies on the professional service team of the Ming-Sheng Industrial Co., Ltd.  
    Customer Satisfaction  
    Ming-Sheng Industrial Co., Ltd. is dedicated in providing the customer with the best service possible and meeting with the customer's approval. The key to success stems from the excellent service team and management philosophy, which has the goal of creating the best competitiveness for the customer.  
    Excellent Quality in Product  
    Quality is the life line of enterprise; Ming-Sheng Industrial Co., Ltd. is focused on the pursuit of quality in product, complete in procedures, and constantly reviews for improvements. Ming-Sheng Industries provides year-round service with no compromise to quality.  
    Unified Operations Procedure  
    Whenever a customer identifies a need, we provide a solution in the shorten time, we have flexible and highly efficient production know-how and the ability to help the customer in searching for the best suited resource.  
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