Sheffield discovery II
Originally introduced in 1997, Sheffield Measurement's Discovery coordinate measuring machine was designed from the ground up to be a shop floor machine. The current model Discovery II is the second generation of a machine that is being used on shop floors and quality labs around the world. Discovery II is so affordable and versatile that our customers often purchase more than one, so they can locate them where they are needed íV from in-process inspection cells to quality labs to receiving inspection to R&D íV anywhere a precision measuring tool is required.

In place of air bearings, Discovery II uses hardened machine tool recirculating ball bearings running at just a fraction of their rated load. This contributes to long life and lower maintenance costs in some of the harshest measurement environments imaginable.

Who wants to wait for results from the quality lab? Why not bring the quality lab right to the point of manufacture? Discovery II makes it possible.
Deltronic DH216
This is the popular "work horse" of the Deltronic line. Its 16" digital protractor screen is mounted into a compact bench-top instrument featuring high accuracy and brilliant, crisp images.
Standard Features:
  • Fully Usable 16" Screen
  • Corrected Image Top to Bottom
  • 6" Vertical X 10" Horizontal Stage Travel
  • Heat-Treated Nickel-Plated Stage Surface
  • .001mm Glass Scales (Except for DH216 RR)
  • "ESP" Digital Electronic Screen Protractor with INC/ABS Switchable
  • Three-Year Limited Warranty
  • Rugged Construction
  • 10X or 20X Lens
  • Rotary Helix Stage: +/- 15o with Reading in 5' Increments
  • 24-Volt 150 Watt High Intensity Illumination
Optional Features:
  • Automated Measurement System
  • Motorized Lens Focus
  • Swing-Clear Lamp House for Viewing Ends of Long Parts
  • Fiber-Optic Surface Illumination
  • 6" X 12" Stage Travel
  • 6" X 18" Stage Travel
  • Automatic Edge-Sensing
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