Multi-axis Turning Center
Continuous Machining/ Dual-process with Y-axis Control Turning Center
Multi-axis Turning Center
The SY-type turning centers feature an upper turret, a lower turret, a Y-axis slide for the upper turret, and a sub-spindle. These new bar machines handle more complex work with higher productivity to meet the ever-increasing demand for value-added, multifunctional parts. This new line provides the capability of a machining center, enabling you to create highly complex parts surpassing the limitations of ordinary turning work.
This turning center features a unique back-working turret and pairing R-spindle that significantly energize the cutting process on the right side of the machine. The availability of greater variation in simultaneous front-and-back processing speeds up the cycle by approximately 35% compared to conventional machines with two spindles and one turret.
Designed to provide secondary machining on small, lightweight parts that require relatively short cutting cycles, this self-loading CNC lathe with live tools offers extremely rapid loading via the combined movements of the main spindle and the auto-loader. A built-in work stocker and other options enable long hours of unmanned operation.
The latest models in Miyano's traditional line of CNC automatics for bar and chuck work have an excellent reputation for ease of operation and setup changes. While the basic standard features are best suited to simple work profiles, the system's expandability, wide variety of options, and new NC functions enable you to configure a sophisticated unmanned manufacturing system.
  • High precision spindle
    Quick response built-in spindle
    Spindle cooling system is standard
  • High rigidity turret
    Mounted big diameter curvic coupling (Dia.200)
  • High rigidity axis slide
    Rigid, wide and square slide guides are used
    Less heat-generated Pretensioned ball screw (X-axis)
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